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When your vehicle arrives at our shop for body repair, it is immediately brought into our disassembly area where it is inspected for an accurate repair estimate. One of our parts specialists, along with a disassembly technician, is involved in the tear-down. Our goal is to have a complete and accurate estimate soon after your vehicle arrives. By "blueprinting" each repair in this way, we aim to eliminate any surprises that might delay the process later. Parts removed from your vehicle are transferred to carts or bins, and stored in a separate "clean room" until the car is ready for reassembly. During this initial inspection, your vehicle will also be inspected by one of our painters for the paint code, and to begin the color matching process.

Next, your vehicle moves to the Metal Shop for any necessary straightening, welding, and structural repairs. Unibody and/or frame straightening also occur here, on one of our eight frame benches. Our frame technicians use the Car-O-Tronic computerized measuring system that provides unparalleled dimensional accuracy to restore the structure of your vehicle to factory specifications. Dimensional accuracy is imperative for proper mechanical function, safety and exterior panel fit. When welding, we use inverter spot welding equipment from Car-O-Liner and Pro Spot wherever possible, to duplicate the factory method, strength and appearance of your vehicle. This is particularly important on late model cars and trucks that employ advanced steel alloys such as AHSS, UHSS, T.R.I.P. and BORON steel. Inverter spot welders use high electric current pulses under high pressure for extremely short durations in order to minimize heat-effect changes to the structural properties of these modern alloys. Conventional welding equipment will leave these alloys weakened, and structurally deficient. Finally, in the Metal shop, new bolt-on parts are "trial-fit" before being disassembled to be sent to the Paint Department.

If your vehicle requires mechanical work resulting from the accident, such as suspension or engine repairs, this is performed at the appropriate time in our mechanical shop by one of our full time, certified mechanics.

After painting, your vehicle returns to the Body Department for reassembly by an assembly specialist. The parts carts and/or bins for your car are brought out from their safe storage in our "clean room", and reassembly begins. Additional tests and quality control checks occur during assembly. Next, your car is road tested and sent to our detail department for final sanding and buffing of the new paint, application of small moldings, badges and trim, and a final clean up.

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