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Being in an accident is stressful enough. And when you're filing an insurance claim, the last thing you want is more complication. Our staff has many years experience working with insurance carriers, and will work with whatever insurance company happens to be handling your claim. While specific questions about coverage are best addressed by your own agent or adjuster, our staff can answer many of your general insurance questions, and help guide you through the claim process. If you have a police report, and need to know which insurance company corresponds with the "insurance code" number, we can assist with that also, and help you get in touch with them.

We are selected by GEICO to participate in their Auto Repair Xpress® program. If your claim is being handled by GEICO, you may ask to be included in this program. This allows you drop off your car for an appraisal by a GEICO Auto Damage Appraiser who maintains an office at our location. With the ARX program, your appraisal is expedited by GEICO, and we assist by disassembling the car for the appraiser so all the damage can be found on the initial inspection. During this appraisal process, we also call suppliers to confirm parts availability and prices. Within several hours, it is our goal to have a perfect appraisal, parts ordered, and repairs underway. Repairs done in the ARX program are typically completed faster because of the synergy between our staff and the GEICO in-house appraiser. The GEICO appraiser also helps coordinate your rental (if any) with our on-site Enterprise® rental office.

We are also a designated Direct Repair Program shop for:

  • Allstate
  • AAA Mid-Atlantic
  • Selective Insurance
  • Harleysville Insurance
  • LeasePlan
  • C.E.I. Group

For these companies, we will act as their appraiser, completing the necessary appraisal and documentation on their behalf, and accepting direct payment from them on completion of the repair. We also coordinate your Enterprise® rental with them, if there is available coverage. If your claim is with one of these companies, you need only ask them to send us an assignment, or better yet, stop in, and we'll do it for you.

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