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Every auto body shop customer wants to know: "Are you going to be able to match my paint?"

Lamon Auto Body guarantees we will exactly match your vehicle's paint. We do this by custom mixing and applying the paint in our Paint Shop.

We first identify the formula used to make your vehicle's original paint. But every vehicle's paint changes with exposure to sun and weather. So we also hand-tint the formula to precisely match your vehicle's specific color.

Our prep specialists remove all trim and moldings, clean and sand all panels to be painted, and then mask the rest of the vehicle to protect it against overspray.

Then the vehicle is brought into one of our three dust-free, climate controlled, downdraft spray booths. Seeking a repair of a larger truck, tractor-trailer, motor home or bus? No problem! One of our spray booths is designed for larger projects.

In the spray booth, our paint specialists first apply the custom-mixed color basecoat and then a clear overcoat. Heat from a "bake cycle" in the spray booth cures the finish. Finally, the vehicle moves to Lamon's Detail Shop where its new paint will be perfected.







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